What are the best weather apps for sailing in the Mediterranean?

Weather is an important factor to take into account when sailing in the Mediterranean, so having a good weather app can be a great help. Here are some of the best weather apps for sailing in the Mediterranean:

Windy: Windy is a popular free weather app that provides detailed information on wind, rain, temperatures and sea conditions in real time. It is easy to use and offers a wide range of customisation options.

Weather4D: Weather4D is an advanced weather application that provides information on weather and sea conditions, including wind, wave and current prediction models. It also allows the download of maps for offline use.

PredictWind: PredictWind is a weather application that provides accurate real-time wind and wave forecasts using high-resolution weather models and data analysis. It also offers customisation options and route planning tools.

Marine Weather by AccuWeather: This AccuWeather app provides weather forecasts for maritime navigation, including wind, wave and tidal information. It also offers severe weather alerts and interactive maps.

Buoyweather: Buoyweather is a weather forecasting application that uses data from weather buoys to provide detailed information on weather and sea conditions. It also offers route planning tools and severe weather alerts.

Overall, these weather apps can be useful for navigating the Mediterranean and making informed decisions about your route and sea conditions. Always remember to follow safety rules and local regulations when sailing.

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